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Brand Consultancy

Magic Flight is an independent, full-service brand consultancy with specialists and expertise in brand strategy, identity, brand building and brand experience. We are designers, copywriters, strategists and professionals focused on solving identity, awareness and relevancy challenges. We have developed each service from the top down and collectively deliver solutions that best meet client objectives.

Our current clients are emerging brands in a variety of categories including manufacturing, telecom, retail, construction and professional services with annual revenue ambitions of 10 million and above. We serve both B2B and B2C. Our clients are located in Seattle and the Eastside from Bellevue to Everett.

Our intent is to help clients align their brand and marketing communications with their business objectives. We believe in the power of branding, however we also know that it must be combined with authentic strategy and execution in order to shape perceptions and build sustainable momentum to move a brand forward.

Most marketing and advertising fail because they act without even a hint of strategy. The company or advertising agency went directly to execution. Execution can never cover up for the lack of a strategy. Allowing branding, marketing or advertising to be developed and run without a strong strategy statement is the failure of the marketing manager. The brand strategy is the single most important step in differentiating the brand and its advertising in the minds of customers.

Bottom line is branding is good for business. It puts the company in a position to earn premium pricing, lower cost of sales, lower cost of promotion, higher market share, lower employee turnover and higher stature. It makes it easier for the company to sell its products and services and makes the company more valuable to all stakeholders.